Okay, this is the parts list we need from Subaru. With some luck they’ll have the parts locally, in stock.

I also found a writeup from someone who installed the same lights (though different color) into the same car. He described his process and some of the additional small tasks he needed to do. I copied them here, along with his pictures:

I tried fitting the PIAA lights with the stone grill in place, but it does not fit, as the grill mounts externally to the light assembly, increases the clearance requirement ~1/4” = grills will not be usedI noted that the lights can be pressed into place cleanly, but they would be too tight to allow for adjustment. This required shaving the little “nipples” that are molded into the fog light openings – I used a simple utility knife to cleanly cut the nipples, being careful not to scratch the front surface of the fog light surround
I then proceeded to check the car wiring, to check the connector type to order (H11), since the PIAA lights use bayonet-type electrical connectors. I ordered connectors from Amazon to use and avoid any modification to the car’s wiring.

The next steps were:

  • I removed the dash bezel plate for the fog light switch. The replacement part with the required opening for the fog light switch was ~$40, so I decided to take a chance modifying the existing bezel. After removing the bezel, I used a utility knife to carefully cut out the required opening for the fog light switch. I used bike chain lubricant as the knife kept getting caught on the soft plastic the bezel is made of. The end product is decent enough, you can’t really see my rough cutting (I hope)
  • The switch in place, I continued on to the relay install. I did not have to remove the glove box for relay installation
  • Next step was to verify 12V on/off at the fog light cable connecter in the front of the car, with the relay installed – success!
  • I then used alligator clips to connect the bayonet connectors to the Subaru H11 female connector, ensure the lights would toggle on and off, plus confirm polarity (yes, a little OCD…) – success!

Then, I proceeded to install the male H11 connector on the PIAA lights:

  • Cut the bayonet plugs from the lights
  • Cut the H11 cable from the adapter cable
  • Confirm polarity/orientation of H11 male connector
  • Solder the H11 pigtails to the lights
  • Rechecking the lights will power on after the connector was installed and mated to the car – confirmed
  • Disconnected all
  • Note that I did not bother with color-matching the wires for the cabling, you may choose otherwise



Next part of install included the physical mounting of the PIAA lights to the standard Subaru fog light brackets. The lights are required to be mounted on a horizontal surface per install instructions. Luckily, the Forester fog light brackets easily accommodate for this, with a slight modification. First thing to do was a mock install of the lights onto the mounting brackets. This allowed for correctly locating the lights into the install brackets. Note that the fog light openings on the bumper dictate the actual location of the lights, the only thing to locate then relates to where the fog lights end up on the fog light brackets for left and right sides

  • I installed the mounting brackets on their locations on the bumper cover
  • I then used tape to hold the lights in place, affixing the lights to the mounting brackets, to determine the location of the mounting screw for securing the lights in place. One per side
  • After checking and rechecking the fog light location, and ensuring I would have access to the fog light positioning and aiming adjustments, I drilled the hole on the first bracket
  • After installing the light on the bracket, then the bracket and light on the car, I confirmed the light fit in the correct location on the car and that I could adjust the light’s aim freely
  • Once confirmed, I moved on to the next light, followed the same steps

Installing the Relay – The relay bank is located behind the glove box. Some claim they did not remove the glove box other say you have to.

Place the relay into the bottom right most slot in the 5×2 relay bank with the Denso logo facing up and on the right side of the bank. The relay will not fit any other way.

Unless your battery is disconnected, DO NOT TOUCH OR MESS WITH THE YELLOW WIRES AND CONNECTORS. Airbag sensors are VERY sensitive.