Snow-covered beaches? Chilly iguanas? They are part of a mysterious ‘hole’ in global warming

Nathan Stanley, 12 , of Abington, VA

Nathan Stanley, 12 , of Abington, Va. runs through a beachfront snowdrift on Jan. 4, 2018 in Nags Head, North Carolina. Despite warming temperatures in much of the world, winters in the Southeast have grown colder in recent decades, an anamoly that scientists are calling a “hole” in global warming, or a “warming hole.” Chuck Liddy

WASHINGTON — Frigid iguanas in Florida. Snowball fights on North Carolina’s beaches. Recent winters have delivered a bitter chill to the Southeast, reinforcing attitudes among some that global warming is a fraud. But according to a scientific study published this month, the Southeast’s colder winter weather is part of an isolated trend, linked to a more…

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