What’s fueling Britain’s offshore wind revolution? Technology, subsidies and an old fishing hub.

Newly-minted wind turbine blades at Siemens's in Hull, UK

Port Operations head Barry Denness stands in front of massive, newly-minted wind turbine blades at Siemens’s new plant in Hull, UK. “(They’re) in service for 25 years in the North Sea, not the most hospitable of conditions,” he says. “Hence the reason why they’re 30 tons.” Credit: Chris Bentley/PRI

There are a lot of reminders of the past in the northern English city of Hull. Defunct deep-sea trawlers and cavernous warehouses recall the city’s history as the hub of England’s fishing industry. Today, though, Hull is also a vision of the future — a factory churning out massive wind turbine blades, each the size of…

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