Wildfires force evacuations in northern Corsica

Fires in Corsica

Wildfires have ravaged parts of northern Corsica, forcing the evacuation of nearly 1,000 people including tourists in campsites.

President Macron has spoken to the head of the fire service on the French Mediterranean island, offering his support for the fires which have spread across more than 2,000 hectares in 24 hours.

Emergency services were continuing to struggle in the middle of the day on Saturday against fires whipped up by the wind on the Cap Corse peninsula.

A first fire at Nonza on the west coast was said to have been brought under control, but another near Sisco was still “active”.

On Friday night a campsite near Pietracorbara was evacuated due to smoke which began to infiltrate the site. Hundreds of campers from two sites as well as over 200 local residents were taken to schools or other shelters. Several dozen hikers on the popular GR20 trail were also moved away to spend the night in emergency accommodation.

On Saturday morning police said a man had been arrested the previous night, suspected of starting fires in several places in Bastia.

The south of France and Corsica have been suffering repeated wildfires since mid-July.

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