All the ways Republicans want you dead



Was it Trump signing a law – in secret, away from the media – revoking an Obama-era rule that prevented the mentally ill from buying guns? How about the appointment of Scott Pruitt to ruthlessly gut the EPA and eliminate as many pesky environmental rules as possible, rules designed to keep water clean, air breathable and life generally less cancerous?

Nuclear saber-rattling with North Korea? Declaring climate change a hoax, unworthy of serious action? Hiring a democracy-hating neo-Nazi blogger as top presidential adviser? Ripping apart families by deporting innocent immigrants in the middle of the night? Rolling back numerous protections for women, LGBT, minorities? Working to empower the police and the NRA, pushing for re-privatization of prisons and harsher drug sentences?

The list of the ways Trump’s GOP is targeting your very life is staggering, and growing by the minute. But at the moment, they all seem to pale when compared to what might be the nastiest, most mean-spirited law ever passed by a GOP-controlled House in your lifetime: It’s the passage of TrumpCare, AKA the GOP’s heartless rollback of the ACA, replacing it with, well, a nasty, hypocritical grenade of unmitigated hate.

There is simply no other way to describe it. A bunch of wealthy, gloating white males (and females) who have free health insurance for life just voted to rip away affordable health coverage for millions of people, out of sheer spite, because the Orange Goblin needed a “win,” and because they all really loathe the smart black former president who rescued the country and made everyone’s lives better for eight solid years.

Did you hear? Upon TrumpCare’s (very narrow) passage, House Republicans laughed, they guffawed, they cheered their only partial “win” to date, even though it does nothing but hurt millions of people and actually kill many more by way of stripping essential coverage from the elderly and the poor, defunding Planned Parenthood, gutting Medicare and makes pre-existing conditions again something that can get you dead. Upside? It lines the coffers of the insurance industry and the wealthy.


Source/More: SFGate

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