Portable Espresso Maker for hiking, camping, backpacking..

Portable espresso maker

Okay, I admit it. I am a bit of an espresso addict and probably a coffee snob, to some extent. So, when I saw this one on sale I just had to talk about it.

Having constant business meetings and flights can be tough on the body and mind and therefore, it is sometimes (always?) important to have that wake-me-up addition to give you another lift and a second breath on your travels. One good portable espresso maker can really make a difference to your productivity in 2017 and this can increase the amount of meetings that you make and also keep you from falling asleep in those boring ones.

Having an excellent portable espresso maker in the car can be a great addition for those mornings when you are late for work. You can even add an additional few takeaway cups and buy some cream to allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee when you forget at home.
But, before we look at this cool little portable espresso machine, there are a few features that you need to take note of when buying a hand held espresso machine. If you follow this buying guide you will also be able to get more value and you will know exactly what to look for in the next portable espresso machine you buy (in case you miss this sale.)

  • Size: When you think portable, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of the product and having a product with a smaller size might make less coffee every time, but it is much easier to carry along and to store in your vehicle. Some espresso makers will even be great for carrying in your handbag and you should be able to easily use them on public transportation as well.
  • Power usage: Depending on the power source of the espresso maker, you will know how many times you could use it. Some espresso makers are powered by batteries, but we do recommend the manual espresso makers to allow you to have more usability and you will never have to worry about the batteries and suffer without coffee when you forget to check them.
  • Insulation: While most of these espresso makers will require you to add hot water, it is important to look at the level of insulation they provide. Better insulation will mean that the water will stay hotter for longer and thus it will give you more functionality and you will be able to use the flask espresso maker for a longer period of time after leaving the house.
  • Price: The best portable espresso makers can be rather expensive, but with most of them reasonably priced, you will be able to look for value in the product and even save a few bucks. The manual operated portable espresso makers are (relatively) cheaper than those with technologically advanced features and it will all depend on when and how long you need to use the espresso maker.
  • BPA free: Purchasing anything that rages in the food and beverage section needs to be BPA-free and approved by the FDA. We recommend ensuring that your handheld portable espresso maker has been cleared to ensure that you have a healthy espresso every day. We also recommend keeping the espresso maker clean and giving it a thorough soaking every now and then.

This espresso maker is affordable and , at least for moment, available on sale with a coupon code. (No, we do not get a referral fee or commission for mentioning it here!) It uses pressure to provide you with the perfect espresso and when you add hot water, you will be able to have the perfect creamy espresso on the go. The portable espresso maker does not require any batteries and this can be a huge plus for people in the wilderness when no shops are present, you will only need to get the water up to boiling point and add the coffee beans, the espresso maker will take care of the rest.

This espresso maker has also been stylishly designed and it is quite compact, but the design might hinder storage in smaller spaces, but it will easily fit into most backpacks. All the materials in the construction are BPA-free and approved by the FDA to ensure that you have a healthy and great tasting shot of espresso.

We definitely recommend Litchi portable espresso maker to travels and for use in your vehicle. It will save you a lot of time and also a few bucks, should you be used to buying a cup of coffee on your way to work every day.

If you are interested check it out on Amazon. Regular price is $45. Coupon code “3C9Q7GCP” drops it to $29. Don’t know how long the coupon remains valid. With free shipping, that’s the lowest price we could find by $27.


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