A Car With a Suspension Made of Logs and Chicken Wire

Wooden suspencion

On Sunday night, in Val-des-Monts, Québec, just outside of Ottawa, a 28-year-old man was found driving a 1999 Toyota Tercel that was in need of some … attention.

Police recounted its problems in a press release: three bald tires, no windshield wipers, and a rear suspension rigged with wooden logs and chicken wire, among other issues. The 28-year-old driver also had an open beer in the front seat, though he passed sobriety tests. According to the Ottawa Citizen, he was given a $481 ticket and had his car—which, again, in case this fact was not emphasized enough, had a rear suspension rigged with logs and chicken wire—impounded.

We were initially inclined to think of this man as a jury-rigging hero before we stepped back from our desks and considered the facts: Driving a car with bald tires and a suspension made from a tree and farm surplus is indeed wildly dangerous behavior to oneself and anyone unfortunate enough to be on the road that night.


Source: A Car With a Suspension Made of Logs and Chicken Wire

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