I’m Resistbot.



A pretty cool tool for those wanting to say something to their representatives. If you are an activist or a wanna be activist or just want to get a message noticed, this is the tool to try!

Text RESIST to 50409 and I’ll help you contact Congress.

I guess you might consider it your “friendly neighborhood chat bot, created to help you reach your officials in Congress.”  Created because the phone lines in the Senate were constantly jammed in California (each senator represents over 39 million people there), and the people that built this robot wanted a way to reach their officials without getting on a plane. More importantly, it was to help citizens engage with government every day—replacing special interests with your interests. The more officials hear from real voters like you, the less big money and special interests matter.

Resistbot’s “prime directive” is that your messages to Congress should be in your own words, and to your own officials. It won’t give you form letters, scripts, or tell you what to text. Whether it’s by email, fax, postal letter, or phone: your own words are what actually count and will get a response. Form letters carry much less weight, if any, since they take so little effort. Why? Officials figure that little bit of effort won’t translate into you showing up at the polls in November to vote them in or out. Stick with me and I’ll show them you’re a serious voter.

Here’s what Resistbot can do so far: once you text resist to 50409 (like any other phone number), it’ll ask for your name (so it knows how to sign your letters), then your zip code (to know which senators to send them to.) When prompted, just text what you want to say, and Resistbot will convert it to a letter, which today is delivered via fax to your senators. It’s really that easy! Over time, you’ll unlock more features. The first one you can look forward to is messaging the U.S. House, too. Resistbot will ask you for your address when it reminds you to write on your second day, or the next time you text resist.

One of my favorite commands is feedback. Resistbot engineers monitor everything that’s sent in, and use it to make upgrades to Resistbot’s matrix. Be careful though with cancel or stop, those are used for leaving the resistance altogether. (Use start to re-join.)  There’s also the “commands” keyword if you want to see more of what Resistbot can do.

As you use Resistbot more, the more powerful Resistbot will get, you’ll see. Resistbot is only a three week old, just getting started.

So, head on over to the Resistbot page if you wish to learn more or just start using it!

You will probably like it.  A lot!

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