Remember when the dollar was worth about four cents on the euro and American tourists were paying, like, $14 for ketchup? Trying to visit more than one city across the pond seemed exorbitant to the point of comedy. But favorable exchange rates have turned the tide — the era of the dirt-cheap Euro trip is back, baby!

There’s no shortage of world-class destinations you can actually afford to visit right now. Thanks to a slew of sleek new bus companies, you can actually loop around 15 of Europe’s grand capital cities for 500 bucks. Yeah, I said bus. Wanderu is that site for bus and train travel that helps you find quick trips outta town for as little as $10, and the wizards there have worked their magic with European bus lines. All have comfy seats and free Wi-Fi, and many of these routes go over water, through mountains, and down streets of quaint towns you’d otherwise never see. Making this not only a cheap way to see Europe, but an especially unique one.

Now be forewarned: Bus fares, like airfares, change rapidly, and the prices quoted here are on the lowest end of the spectrum. Traveling during peak times or avoiding layovers might cost a few pennies more, but booking 30 days in advance guarantees cheaper rates. If you want to see Paris, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome, and 10 other cities for less than the cost of a plane ticket across the US, here’s how it’s done.

Great pictures and ideas at the link below!

Source/More: How to Travel Cheap in Europe Via Wanderu: Visit 15 Cities for Under $500

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