April Fool’s Day – 2017

In case you’re bored, here are a few old April Fool pranks (not including those from Google, of course) for you to ponder. I suppose these things could already exist, who knows.

  • The app “Snoozer” allows tired people to plug in their location and a representative from Mattress Firm will swing by with a “NapSack,” earplugs, and a teddy bear.
  • A truly one-of-a-kind watch made out of animal fur designed by Analog Watch Co. ($199.99). “Simply groom your favorite furry friend with a brush, collect 2-4 ounces of their hair, seal it in a small bag, and drop it in the post…we’ll bound the fur into a high-density felted wool. It takes 23 days for us to transfer m the fur into a brand new material.”

  • The wedding planning website The Knot’s notification to couples that wedding checklists may have been deleted.
  • GlassesUSA.com has Invisible Glasses, which “change from green to invisible due to the heat emitted by your skin, allowing you to enjoy vision correction without the annoyance of wearing contact lenses,” according to the product page.
  • Don’t forget to check Trulia’s online directory of “Rental Pawperties” of dog houses.
  • Did you read about High Brew Cold Brew’s coffee IV drip?
  • Don’t forget to order Google Gnome, a “Smart Yard” complement to Google Home that takes outdoor commands.
    Google Gnome
  • A useful one is Man Crates’s new service “Man Freights,” in which customers are shipped “inside fully-furnished 4’ x 4’ crates” outfitted with WiFi and mini-fridge “so they can surprise their long-distance loved ones in-person on their special day.”
  • Check the web site for “Canoeber,” a company in Ely, Minnesota, that wants to be known as the “Uber for canoes” and “the world’s first water-based, ride-sharing service.”
  • How about beef broth gummy bears for dogs made by the candy boutique Sugarfina.
  • And a new line of arcade game machines for cats and dogs called Mewsmnts and Barkade, respectively — both designed by Liberty Games.
  • For those writing April fool posts late at night the High Brew Cold Brew’s coffee IV drip.

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